Children's Garden

Location: DeWijnlanden Estate, 
Completed: August 2019

BRIEF: Pam and Shaun's first priority was to create a garden for their children to play in. I wanted to make sure, however, that it was also as beautiful for them as it was engaging for the two boys, knowing how parents often have to negate their own needs in favour of their children's. Pam confessed she would in fact like to have a few roses, even though she knows they are not waterwise. 


  • Creating layers of function to meet the needs of a young family of four in a small townhouse space, without compromising on the aesthetic, or cluttering up the space.

  • Needing to incorporate a sand pit and a 3m diameter enclosed trampoline! 

  • Patchy, unattractive lawn

  • The usual water scarcity and heavy soil issues were resolved with a similar approach as in the Wild Bird Garden which is on the same estate.

  • A huge rain water tank that had to go somewhere 


  • Lawn was dramatically reduced to a neat cobble-edged rectangle, making it much easier to maintain. Aesthetically, it acts as a uniform counterpoint to the busier flowerbeds.

  • Play areas were kept to natural materials and colours to also appeal and be restful to an adult aesthetic 

  • Two "Play Station" areas were created around the sand pit (a jungle gym was added later) and trampoline where each is nestled into a corner with tree stump seats leading up to it and planting filling in around it. 

  • The area adjacent to the sandpit has the added function of a place for adults and family to gather, perhaps with a central portable fire or braai. 

  • The rain water tank found its place out of the way and was surrounded by Bluegum lathes where a creeper can grow and soften its presence

  • A tiny rose garden was integrated into the layout with a path through it for Pam to enjoy. 


It has become a thoroughly well used and enjoyed extension of the home.

Landscaping | Thrive Landscaping | Somerset West

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Landscaping | Thrive Landscaping | Somerset West

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