Consult & Design  

From children's gardens to wildlife sanctuaries to Mediterranean oasis and contemporary minimalism, together we will bring your vision to life through expert garden design, beginning with an on-site visit.

See the PROCESS page for more detail. 


Landscape & Build  

If we can dream it, we can build it. 
Drought resilient planting; mature trees; hyper local species; decking; water features; stone masonry; pergolas; paving; bespoke outdoor furniture; restaurant indoor planting... the list of items included in Thrive projects grows with every build. 




Maintain & Grow  

A beautiful garden is an investment in your home and wellbeing. Ensure your outdoor space thrives with regular professional input. 



A tailored garden management plan for your evolving garden may include:

  • Regular visits to carry out pruning, dividing old bulbs/clumps, mulching, feeding the soil and updating planting, vegetable garden care, irrigation care, etc...

  • The frequency may be every other week or even once a quarter, depending on your and your garden's needs

  • Liaising with or managing exterior service providers

  • Training* and tasking your private gardener(s)

  • Horticultural reports and audits

As a landscaping and horticultural consultant, I am sometimes involved with residential homes and estates which have an in house team, but require regular horticultural direction. This also facilitates a good relationship between employee and employer by improving systems of feedback and accountability. 
It is a basic human need to feel that one is contributing meaningfully, to have connection, validation and stimulation. When these needs are met we feel far more enthusiastic and willing. Training contributes to meeting these needs while cultivating the appropriate skills.

Thrive training draws on many years of experience in the green industry and international standards of horticultural excellence, set against a backdrop of ecological sustainability. 

The process begins with a consultation to determine

  • Your needs

  • Your garden's needs

  • Your garden staff's skill level and needs

I then customise a course accordingly. 

A typical course structure could involve 

  • hands-on training modules and notes
    according to client consultation and the evolving
    needs of the garden

  • garden check-up and tasking

  • work scheduling

  • emailed progress reports

Garden staff training_ It's Rose Pruning
Private gardener training today....jpg