THRIVE endeavors to support and facilitate a relationship between humans and their living environments which promotes well being on every level - to that end, I offer the following services:

My involvement in your space can range from something as simple as a Consultation where I can make recommendations for the site or garden, to a Landscape Design that allows us to visualise the possibilities and phase your project according to your needs and budget, to the complete Installation of the design and short to long term Management of the landscape. 

All input is based on

 ~ site conditions
 ~ available resources
 ~ ecologically sustainable horticultural      practices 

 ~ the needs and wishes of those who use the site


Below: Excitement, as we make our plan a reality!

As a landscaping and horticultural consultant, I am often involved with residential homes and estates which have an in house team, but require regular horticultural direction. This also facilitates a good relationship between employee and employer by improving systems of feedback and accountability. 

A management plan can be created for your evolving, growing garden / estate including pruning, dividing old bulbs/clumps, mulching, feeding the soil and updating planting.


My team and I will happily take care of any of these tasks, or this becomes a training opportunity for the on site staff - see TRAINING, right



It is a basic human need to feel that one is contributing meaningfully, to have connection, affirmation and stimulation. When needs are met we feel far more enthusiastic and willing. Training contributes to meeting these needs while cultivating the appropriate skills.











Thrive training draws on many years of experience in the green industry and international standards of horticultural excellence, set against a backdrop of ecological sustainability. 

The process begins with a consultation to determine
~ Your needs
~ Your garden's needs
~ Your garden staff's skill level and needs

I then customise a course accordingly. 

A typical course structure could involve 

~ hands-on training modules and notes according to client consultation and the evolving needs of the garden
~ garden check-up and tasking

~ work scheduling

~ emailed progress reports




This is for those who would like some “supervision” with their DIYing. I can be as involved as you need me to be.