A landscaping project typically includes these steps: 

First I will come to meet you and your space. Together we will explore your needs and the possibilities that the space provides.
There is an initial consultation fee which is credited towards further landscape installation work.

Design Fee Proposal
After our first meeting I will confirm your brief and further ideas I have so far in writing and propose a master plan fee. The master plan provides an overview for planning and costing purposes. It usually consists of a colour, to-scale drawing with annotations showing placement of different textures of living, soft landscaping (plants) as well as the placement, shape and materials for hard landscaping, (decking, stone, paving, water features, etc.) It includes pictorial examples of the types of recommended finish and planting themes.
Design Time
During design time, I encourage clients to keep in touch and discuss ideas or send me images or inspiration. 

At the presentation, I will show you our final drawings and mood boards and we'll decide on any adjustments needed.

I create cost proposal that will allow you to see where the values lie. Prior to installation commencing, I require a commitment to terms and a deposit and we discuss scheduling.  

We dig, we build and we create a beautiful and unique landscape.

Continued professional input ensures the garden grows into what we have envisioned together. Visits are tailored to your needs. see more under SERVICES